Selected for SIGGRAPH 2014's Appy Hour
Real World Dinosaurs is an app for users of all ages who want to learn more about dinosaurs
As a child I loved my CD-Roms that were like interactive text books about dinosaurs. I wanted to create a dynamic, interactive experience about dinosaurs employing cutting edge technologies that would attract users to an iPad app
Exploiting the capabilities of 3D animation and touch screens, the app arouses curiosity and facilitates science learning in a variety of ages and learning styles
To accommodate Real World Dinosaur's 3D visualization of fully animated dinosaurs and their environments, I designed a highly customized build for an iPad app using HTML5. 360 degree views of the dinosaurs, initially rendered as sprite sheets, switched to real-time graphics displays in WebGL in current updates. Optional narration, along with visual illustration of the text in 3D images and maps, creates multi-sensory pathways for understanding and enjoyment
Selected for SIGGRAPH 2014's Appy Hour for Innovative Mobile Apps
Real World Dinosaurs, brings lively dinosaurs to new media screens. It's a fun, interactive way to learn about the iconic creatures that inhabited our planet millions of years ago
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