Real World Dinosaurs Mini is Real World Dinosaurs, specially scaled for the iPhone! An engaging multimedia experience combining art and science, Real World Dinosaurs Mini brings all the fascination of these iconic creatures right to your phone in a quick reference format!
Users requested Real World Dinosaurs availability for the iPhone. Real World Dinosaurs Mini was conceived as a “pocket reference” version customized for the iPhone specs and capabilities. Maintaining the animation, comparative maps and optional text narration features, the app would allow a variety of users convenient access to the information in Real World Dinosaurs on their smartphones
To create visually pleasing and comprehensible displays equivalent to the iPad version, I developed a new mockup for Real World Dinosaurs Mini tailored to the iPhone. Animated looping walk cycles were fashioned for each dinosaur and the content and design were modified to be seamlessly accessible to a variety of users on the new device, using the mockup as a guideline
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